Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Google Draw

Good Morning,

Google Draw is another great Google feature.  Your students can make webs, Venn diagrams or a graphic organizer within their document.  There are many features available within Google Draw including multiple shapes, arrows, bubbles and color variations.  You can search for and add images within Google Draw too.  Students can make timelines of historic events or character transformations within a story or create a web of the life cycle of a butterfly.  Your students can build webs as study guides, for assessment purposes and much more!

To access Google Draw:
Open a document
Select Insert/Drawing
Begin to add and manipulate shapes, arrows, colors, word art or images to your diagram
Select Save and Close - drawing will appear in your document
If you need to make changes to your drawing, double click on the drawing in your document, Google Draw will automatically re-open.

K-2 teachers......Popplet is an iPad app for creating similar webs and diagrams.  

Have a great day!