Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Cleaning

Happy Tuesday,

It finally feels like Spring!  So that means it's time for some Spring Cleaning. Some quick tips you may want to consider.......

 ~ Back up your images and documents....USB stick (flashdrive), cloud or external hard drive - take your pick!

 ~ Empty your Trash - Just because you put it in the trash doesn't mean it's gone. You still have to empty the trash or permanently delete the items.  Select Trash/Empty Trash

 ~ Organize your emails, delete, categorize or label those you need to keep! Gear Symbol/Settings/Labels

 ~ Completely close out of browsers and programs.....if the little bubble appears beneath the icon on your dock, then the browser or program is still open.  Right click on the icon, a menu will appear, select quit.

 ~ Create and/or organize Folders within Google Drive, your Documents or on your iPad.  In your Google Drive, you can even color code your folders:  blue = writing, purple = parent correspondence, yellow = student council, etc.

 ~ Clean up your Desktop - having too many items stored on your desktop will slow down your computer.  Move these items to Documents.

 ~ Update apps on your iPad

 ~ Stay healthy - wipe down your computer, iPad, iPhone with electronic safe wipes.

 ~ Streamline your RSS Feed (Feedspot) - too many items to ever read?  Pick your favorite sites or blogs to follow and get rid of the rest.

Refresh and recharge....choose one item (big or small) from your to-do-list (orTodoist) and do it!  You will feel great checking even the smallest items off your list!

Have an awesome week!