Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Adobe Voice App

Good Morning,

Adobe Voice is a new app for creating short videos.  This app is very user friendly! Recording (or re-recording!) is just a click of a button. You can use images from your iPad or use the free-use photos provided by Creative Commons.  Adobe Voice even provides a variety of background music choices.  Or bring in your own music!  Best of all, Adobe Voice even cites the images for you!  

Students can tell stories, create PSA's, research presentations, or share new knowledge.  Teachers can teach lessons, create invitations or presentations.  (sample) You or your students can create a brief video about the water cycle, the life cycle or important leaders during the Revolutionary War.  Then the class can view the videos as a study guide!

The possibilities are endless.  Check out this brief video introducing Adobe Voice.  Let me know if you want a tutorial or to chat about possible projects.

Have an awesome day!