Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Universal Design for Learning

I have the pleasure of visiting classrooms across the grades in both the Sheehan and the Martha Jones.  Everyday I learn more about quality teaching, leadership as well as differentiation across the content areas.  Universal design for learning is applied daily in your classrooms.  Connections are made between background knowledge and new concepts.  Students are engaged and excited about learning.  They are given opportunities to share experiences, new ideas and strategies resulting in self-reflection and peer feedback.  With universal design in mind, I thought I would share a few ways the Instructional Technology Coaches can support you and your students.

Principle I:  Provide Multiple Means of Representation by providing…..
  • videos with embedded questions
  • digital assessments (also shortens your correcting time!)
  • digital flashcards, jeopardy or review activities
  • digital graphic organizers, checklists and rubrics
  • access to programs such as BrainPop, Raz Kids, Lexia, IXL, TTL and Fastt Math
  • by providing tips and tools for enlarged text or various fonts, background text features, volume and sound enhancements.

Principle II.  Provide Multiple Means of Action and Expression by providing….
  • Text to Speech and word prediction tools (Command + R or Read & Write)
  • Visual timers and movement breaks
  • Geogebra activities
  • Google Shortcuts
  • iPad apps (Upper grades can sign out the iPad Pack)
  • digital mapping tools

Principle III.  Provide Multiple Means of Engagement by providing choices…..
  • voice recordings and digital storytelling
  • project based learning opportunities
  • strategy sharing opportunities
  • Assessment choices: student created presentations, book trailers, public service announcements and videos
  • music videos (sharing a message or lesson from a story or fable or a new song!)

Thank you again for letting me learn from you each and everyday!  Please let me know how I can help.