Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Converting Microsoft to Google

Still using Microsoft as your go to?  Converting Microsoft to Google couldn't be easier!  Benefits of uploading your documents and presentations to Google Drive include automatic saving, saving to the cloud, access from any device, and more memory on your computer.  Though not every alignment is perfect, the new Google Document is accessible and you have the ability to share and collaborate with others!

4 Easy Steps:
1.  In your Google Drive select the Gear and "Settings"

2.  Check the box that specifies:  "Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format"

3.  Select red 'NEW' button and choose "FILE UPLOAD"

4.  A list of your documents will open, select the document you would like to upload.  To upload multiple documents, hold the "command" key and select multiple files.  Choose "Open"

You can also upload entire folders or Power Point Presentations.  Remember when you convert, some of your alignment may need adjusting.  This is usually true with tables and presentations.

The more you experiment with your Google Drive and it's capabilities the more comfortable you will feel.