Tuesday, January 5, 2016


If you know me at all, you know I am the queen of list making.  At this moment, I have a post-it note of things to do today.  My cell phones notes app includes lists on books to read, movies to watch, notes from a conference, food shopping, errands and much more!  I have always found lists helpful in keeping me focused and achieving my tasks or even long term goals.

There are an endless amount of tools to help with productivity.  I have highlighted a few below.  But the most effective tool is the one that works for you.  If you have a tool that has helped you stay organized and manage tasks, please share, so we can each find which works best for ourselves.

Chrome Extensions:

ToDoist is a free Google Extension (available in the Chrome Web Store).  This electronic "to do list" icon will appear to the right side of your Google Search Bar.  You can prioritize, set reminders group projects and manage your tasks in one location.  Found a great article but no time to read it?  ToDoist will link directly to your article! You can also add emails to your to do list directly from your Gmail account, reminding you to respond or complete email related tasks. Check out this brief video for more ToDoist tips!  (Video provided by 1st Productivity.)

Prefer something more visual?  Check out Google Keep or Padlet Mini.  Google Keep allows you to create colorful "stickies" which can be arranged to meet your needs, include photos, checkboxes or reminders. Pressed for time?  Record a voice memo and Keep will transcribe it so you can find it later! Google Keep can be used on your smart phone, tablet or computer. Use Padlet Mini to create (and share if desired) a grocery list, Venn diagram, a discussion board, brainstorm ideas, collect resources for an upcoming project or vacation.

One last app I couldn't live without.....Due is a reminder app for your phone.  Quickly remind yourself to make that appointment, complete a project or send that birthday card!  

Please share any tips or tools that you use to help you achieve your smallest tasks or even your biggest goals!

Google Keep:

Padlet Mini: