Friday, March 4, 2016

Google Forms

The Google Apps Suite is often compared to Microsoft Office.  While there are many comparable features, Google Forms is a real stand out.  The uses of Google Forms in your classroom are endless. Forms can be assessments, exit tickets, parent communication tools, surveys and much more.  Google automatically creates a Response Sheet within your Drive for each form.  All responses can be easily viewed live or at your convenience.  The wide assortment of add-ons personalizes your form (and response sheet) to meet your every need including self-correcting features such as Flubaroo or Super Quiz.
 Top Ten Google Form Uses

1.  Parent Conference Sign-ups (parents receive an email confirmation upon sign-up;  time slots can be removed once full; parents do NOT need a Google account)

2.  Assessments or Check-ins (digital assessments can include videos, images, multiple choice/select, drop down options, open response or grids - Great practice in preparation for upper level and standardized tests)

3.  Reteach/Retest Automation (Student's wrong response leads to a review video, then student tries question again)

4. Track Parent Contact or Student Behavior (bookmark your form to quickly record name, date and reason for contact or specific student behavior, spreadsheet provides documentation) 

5.  Flipped Lessons  (include a video on tomorrow's topic, students' responses demonstrate understanding or areas needing reinforcement)  Sample 

6.  Rubrics (grade student presentations as they give them - saving you time!)

7.  Data Collection and Analysis (Data summaries and charts available at the press of a button)

8.  Icebreakers (get to know your students), Student Feedback & Reflection Forms (feedback on field trips, units, learning experience or school climate) or Student Information Questionnaire (for parents to complete)

9.  Exit Ticket (share the form link and students can complete their exit ticket question improving student learning and teacher direction)

10.  Task or Project Sign Ups (sign up to bring a party item or students' can submit their research topic)

Stay tuned...Next Week......Top Add-ons for Google Forms