Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Today we used the tool Flippity to randomly create breakout groups. It is very easy to create - just type the names of your students into the pre-made template! Flippity can also be used to create flashcards or even a Jeopardy game. Great way to review prior to an assessment.

1. Select Flippity

2. Select "Random Name Selector Template"

3. Select "Make a Copy", then change the name of the document

4. Type in the first names of each of your students

5. Click on the tab "Get the Link Here" (on bottom of spreadsheet)

6. Select File/Publish to the Web/Publish/OK

7. Copy the link, then select the "X" in the top right corner

8. Paste that link into the Green cell on your spreadsheet. A new link will appear below. This is the link to click on anytime you want to make groups or randomly call on a student.