Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Team Drives

You may have noticed a new feature in your Google Drive, the "Team Drive."  The Team Drive is a collaborative space to create and share files with any group of people within the Westwood Public Schools Domain.  You may want to set up a "Team" of your grade level teachers within your building or maybe you want to collaborate with the entire grade level across the district.  Any invited member of the team will have access to the documents, slides, etc. that are created within that team drive.  Members can have full access, editing or commenting access or view only.  You can also add, remove, or manage members at any time.  This is similar to having a shared folder within Google Drive.  The benefit of the Team Drive is if any member of the team leaves, no files are lost, as the files belong to the team - not an individual.

Check out this video for a quick overview.  (video by Shawn Beard)