Tuesday, January 10, 2017

17 in 2017

January is a great time to reflect on the year ahead and the goals you hope to achieve.  "17 in 2017" is a list of curriculum ideas and resources available at your fingertips.  Choose one to try this month!  I am happy to provide support to you or your students or to plan a project together.  

 1.  Make your own screencast - make your slides come alive with voice (student projects; directions for a math station, homework instructions)
 2.  Create an eBook with Google slides - example here - great idea for persuasive writing!
 3.  Pear Deck - Interactive opportunities for Peer Instruction 
 4.  Ted Talks - students' share their new found knowledge or passion on any topic; OR watch a Ted Talk of your preference  
 5.  Ted Ed -  use these 3-5 minute videos to share content; lessons include: Watch, Think, Dig Deeper, and Discuss (How Clouds Get Their Names)
 6.  There's an App for that....math, geography, creativity, writing - Tech Room iPad Pack (includes 5 iPads) can be signed out anytime!
 7.  Blogging - you or your students (Kidblog)- Great way to communicate and to get your students writing!
 8.  Kahoot - a fun and informative check in
 9.  Seesaw - the fastest way to create a portfolio of student work; invaluable when preparing report cards or at a parent conference.  You can take pictures or videos of a students work and have them annotate or record their voice explaining their thinking.  
10.  Explore the Tech Tools Page for curriculum resources and links for your students
11.  Plickers - scan the room for a quick check in (no student device needed)
12.  Google Drawing - be creative!  Create images with captions, images with arrows, interactive activities, the possibilities are endless!
13.  Today's Meet -  give everyone a voice with a mix of traditional book groups and virtual discussion
14.  Twitter - expand your PLN (Teach Thought Article: 50 Educator Twitter Accounts Worth Following)
15.  Flippity - randomly select groups; Jeopardy template; or create flashcards; open a Google Spreadsheet and select Addons/Flippity
16.  Google Keep - organize notes, assignments, ideas with virtual stickies
17.  Google Forms as assessments, surveys, or feedback regarding a field trip or guest speaker.

Take small steps....try something new each month by adding these engaging resources to your tool kit!  Let me know how I can help.

Google Keep: