Sunday, January 22, 2017


Emojis..... or , can evoke many feelings.   One emoji can carry multiple meanings depending on the context. Most students use context clues to determine which emoji meaning is intended by the writer.  To develop critical thinking skills, ask students to analyze examples of the same emoji being used in different ways.  Just as with non-fiction reading, students will need to consider photos and text to determine the author's intention when choosing the emoji.

For a writing activity, use this Emoji generator spreadsheet (created by Eric Curts) to randomly generate various emojis.  Students can then write a story based on the randomly selected emojis.  Students can press "Control" and "R" simultaneously to reload with new random emojis.

Eric Curts also created a random word selector.  You can get a new set of 20 random prompts by refreshing the page in your browser.  Try them out with your class or share out to individual students on Google Classroom (new feature) as an extension activity for students ready for the challenge!  

Or create challenging puzzles or stories by combining emojis and words or syllables.  (See Inserting Special Characters/Emojis Post)