Monday, February 6, 2017

Pin Tabs

Do you avoid shutting down your computer because you don’t want to lose your open tabs in Chrome?  It is important to regularly shut down your computer.  But if you pin your most used tabs, they will open automatically when you re-open Chrome.  

Pinning tabs also provide additional space on your computer screen when researching or planning a lesson.  I have pinned my favorite tabs but I still have many tabs open as I work on a project.

To pin a tab, simply hover over the tab and then right click (two finger click) on your trackpad.  A new menu will open allowing you to select 'Pin Tab'.  To unpin a tab, simply right click again and select “Unpin Tab”.  

You will also notice some other options on this menu.  You can open and close tabs, bookmark tabs or even mute a tab.  

Another great shortcut to remember is how to re-open a tab you accidently closed.  You can use the same drop down menu or select “shift + command + t” simultaneously.  Your last tab/s will reopen!  

Check out this brief video to learn how to pin tabs!