Monday, September 18, 2017

Calendars and Lesson Planners

As you prepare for the new school year, you may want a digital calendar.  (curtesy of Vertex 42)  

Or check out!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Online Stop Watch

Everyone needs a stopwatch for various activities.  Many of us rely on our cell phones as timers.  There are many digital timers which are handy in the classroom!  Use the online timers to:
  • reduce transition times
  • make students aware of time left for a task
  • race the clock activities 
  • time math or writing stations; games or activities
  • timed quizzes or silent reading time

Check these timers out

Egg Timer - Simply type in the time in words. The timer then takes up the ENTIRE screen, which is perfect for projecting time to the class.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

EquatIO Extension

Looking for an easier way to include equations, math or science symbols in Google Docs?  The EquatIO extension simplifies this process!  You can now insert math equations, square roots, formulas, and more with ease.  Simply dictate or draw the equation and it will automatically generate the equation on your Google doc.  Quizzes made easy!  Check out this brief video for the highlights.

Go to the Chrome Web Store to install the EquatIO extension!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Interactive Tools with Illuminations

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics provides many engaging digital tools to support your math content.  From ten frames to concentration, addition to division, fractions to balanced equations!  Volume can be a difficult concept.  But students can see how cubes come together before their eyes with Cube Nets.

These interactive activities can support your curriculum and provide valuable practice for various math skills.  Search by topic, grade or standard.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Fractions and Geogebra

Attached please find a list of some great interactive visuals for learning or reviewing fractions.  Geogebra is an interactive site.  You can use these activities to model for your students whole class or in small groups.  Or your students (Grade 3-5) can sign in using their Google Accounts and manipulate the variable as they solve a variety of math problems. has many lessons already created!  Take a moment to explore all of their great resources.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Rotated Text in Google Sheets

Do you still believe Google can't do everything Word can do?  Google Sheets now allows you to rotate the text! (Format > Text Rotation)  This is very useful when you need to fit a long header name into thin columns, or when you want to fit more text on one screen.

Simply select the desired cell/s, select Format, and text rotation.  You can then choose from a variety of styles including stacking vertically or angled to any of the above angles.

Need to include a table in your document?  Add borders and take a screenshot! (Command + Shift + 4)

Embedding Videos in Google Slides

The Google Suite has been a game changer in the classroom.  Collaboration and formatting features have increased communication and organization for both students and staff.  In true Google fashion, new features are always being added and improved.  Google Slides which is often used by teachers and students, now permits embedding videos directly from your Google Drive as well as from YouTube.  You can even set your video to start automatically or to start at a certain point in the video. Simply right click on the embedded video for more options!

Select Insert/Video

Enter the YouTube Url, search YouTube or select from your Google Drive

Click on your video selection/Select

Right click for more options