Tuesday, February 25, 2014



In Monday's Memo, Steve Ouellette mentioned a great tool for teachers called Edshelf.  I thought I would share how  Edshelf can specifically help the elementary school teacher.  Edshelf is a free discovery engine for educational tools, apps, websites and desktop programs.  They say there is an app for everything.....now there is a quick and easy way to find the one you need.  Check out my two minute video on Edshelf.  

Monday, February 10, 2014

Time Sensitive Emails

Thank you to Angela Wilson, WHS ITC for these great tips on how to add time sensitive emails to your Google Calendar!

How to add time sensitive emails to your Google Calendar

~For the Todoist Enthusiast —-add the Todoist Plugin for GMAIL  for the same — if not superior— functionality.~

It’s the end of a block and you open an email that contains a time sensitive task, what’s your next step?
  • Do you mark it as “unread”?
  • Do you star it?
  • Do you label it “to do”?
  • Do you write a sticky and attach it to your forehead?

How do you later retrieve that email?
  • Do you search for the sender’s email in your inbox?
  • Do you look in your “to do” label?
  • Do you wait for the reminder email?

Did you know that with a few clicks you can add that time sensitive email to your Google Calendar tasks list?
  • While reading the email, select “MORE” then “ADD TO TASKS”

  • The TASKS window will open, select the arrow to the right of the task and add the deadline.

  • By giving it a deadline within TASKS, it will automatically add it to your Google Calendar under the TASK option.

  • What I like best about it is the email is now retrievable from the calendar.  

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Inserting Math Symbols

Recently, a teacher shared her frustration with having to handwrite the division symbol into all the math equations on worksheets and assessments.  Many types of symbols are provided with Google and Microsoft Word including fractions, commutation symbols, arrows, shapes and much more.

When using a Google document:
Insert/Equation - then a tool bar of Equation options will appear at the top of your document.  Click the small triangle to the right of each symbol to give you even more symbol choices!  Then click on the symbol you want.

Inline image 1

When using Microsoft Word:
Insert/Symbol/Symbol Browser - then a small window of options will appear on the right side of your screen.  Click and drag the desired symbol into your document!

Inline image 2