Monday, November 21, 2016

Exit Tickets for Stemscopes

During our science professional development, many teachers mentioned that Plickers would fit well with our Stemscopes unit.   Ever wonder......did my students leave with a solid understanding of today's skill?  Upon reflection, you may ask do I need to reteach to the whole class, switch up my approach or review with a small group of students?  Exit tickets provide quick, reliable data as to the needs of your students and the next steps for you.

Plickers is a quick and easy tool which requires only one iPad or a smartphone.  Students hold up a card indicating their response to a multiple choice or true/false question.  With a quick scan of your students, answers are collected. The teacher can view which students responded correctly and which may need intervention.  Students cannot see each other's responses.  However, a graph of the responses can be projected with the press of one button.  This not only informs your teaching but can also lead to a dynamic, in the moment conversation about misconceptions.

Since we are having a common experience, it might be helpful to share potential questions by your grade level on the attached Google Spreadsheet.  (Plicker quizzes cannot be shared at this time.  But they are hoping to have this feature added by the end of the school year.)

Please use this spreadsheet to share suggested questions for the Physical Science Unit.  There is a sheet for each grade.

Please let me know if you need any assistance.