Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Parent Communication

While we all want to have timely, effective communication with our parents, many teachers struggle with the upkeep of a website.  Some teachers communicate with families via a blog.  Blogs can be anything you want them to be!  It can be an ongoing personal journal about something you are passionate about or a place to share information.  All of my tech tips are curated on my Technology in the Classroom Blog.  

Some teachers have switched over to a blog instead of a traditional website.  The added bonus of a blog is parents can sign up to receive an email each time you update your blog, resulting in better school to home communication. Updating your blog is an easy as sending a quick email! Blogs can be updated weekly, monthly or as needed.  They can include pictures, videos, calendars, etc.  The announcements can be a short reminder about an upcoming event, or a more detailed description of your curriculum.

Check out some of these great blogs by our colleagues!  Karlyn Lazazzero's Live, Laugh, Learn, Little Blog or 
Stef Carpenter's First Grade with Mrs. Carpenter.  I am sure there are many, more great examples. I would love to check your blog out!

Happy Blogging!